Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Ambassador

As the 'face' of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, our Ambassador goes out into the community and represents our 5,000 Cast Members in the public, sharing the Park experience with the community, and acting as our official host for visiting dignitaries and VIP Guests.

Message from our Ambassador

Hello! I am Sammy Phu, the 2017/18 Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Ambassador. It is my great honor to represent over 7,000 Cast Members in the resort. It is also my privilege to participate in community work on behalf of the resort, spreading the joy of Disney throughout the community.

I've always enjoyed interacting with Cast Members and Guests in my work. I'm impressed and touched by their charming smiles, passion, kindness and team spirit, which fill the resort with joy. After many years of working at Hong Kong Disneyland, an idea then grew in my head: it would be great to go one step further in bringing magical experiences to the Cast and Guests as the Ambassador.

Being an Ambassador provides me with a valuable opportunity to represent the resort and spread happiness to every corner of the park and the community. In the park, every little act is an opportunity to create happiness: greeting Cast Members and Guests, taking photos to record their magical moments, giving stickers to children. These acts may seem trivial, but they create enormous joy and leave an impression. I believe each and every Cast Member in the resort shares the same mission of spreading seeds of happiness to others.

We do not simply spread happiness in the resort, but also in the community. I recall an experience I had while participating in a Disney VoluntEARS activity where we helped lead a game for visually-impaired patients. We had to help describe their surroundings and give them directions to throw props into a nearby target. Every time they hit a target, applause filled the room. The sense of satisfaction we all felt was simply beyond words.

The magical moments created by myself and other Cast Members have convinced me everyone has the ability to bring joy. In the coming two years, I look forward to creating more magical moments with you all. Let's carry on Walt's dream and make our parks and resorts "The Happiest Place on Earth"!

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About the Disney Ambassador Program

The Disney Ambassador Program at Disneyland was first conceived to mark the original Park's first decade of successful operation. Guest Relations Hostess Julie Reihm was selected from thousands of candidates to be the first Disneyland Ambassador and act as the Park's official hostess and emissary of goodwill to the world. Although originally conceived as a one-off, the inaugural program proved to be such a success that it has continued in all Disney Parks around the world and is now considered one of our strongest traditions.

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