Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Ambassador

As the 'face' of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, our Ambassador goes out into the community and represents our 5,000 Cast Members in the public, sharing the Park experience with the community, and acting as our official host for visiting dignitaries and VIP Guests.

Message from our Ambassador

‘It is kind of fun to do the impossible.” This is my favorite quote from Walt Disney. I used to think that dreams are impossible to reach, but becoming the Ambassador of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (HKDL) had proven this wrong, and I can assure you that I had the most fun too while chasing my dream!

My Ambassador dream began in 2010 when I was working at Walt Disney World through International College Program. One day, when I was walking alone in Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World, I was attracted by a Cast Member wearing a shiny ambassador pin, and she was Vanessa Rosas, the WDW Ambassador at that time! Her energy, passion, and most importantly, her ability to influence people around her as an Ambassador touched me greatly. From then, I was determined to become an Ambassador myself.

This journey continued as I later became a Housekeeping Management Trainee at Disney’s Hotel New York and joined Hong Kong Disneyland hotel when I return to Hong Kong. Even though my roles were totally different in three different Disney Resorts, my passion to pursue my Disney dream remains unchanged. It wasn’t easy to have come this far and now achieving it. But I want to encourage you to never give up on your dreams, because however impossible it seems, there is a way to reach it.

I feel so incredibly honored to be the Ambassador of HKDL, not only that it gives me the opportunity to represent the company, I have also got the privilege to participate in community work along with our amazing team of Disney VoluntEARS, spreading Disney magic throughout the community. Last Christmas eve, I was invited to join a Christmas party for children patients at a public hospital. My perception was that it might be hard to make the children smile because, who likes being in the hospital? But when I got there this anxious feeling instantly disappeared, there were so much positive energy and happy faces around me! This experience really blew my mind and made myself want to delicate more on sick kids.

As an Ambassador and Disney fans, I am super excited for the upcoming expansion of HKDL. I look forward to the opening of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle! in March 2019 and welcoming our newly transformed castle in 2020, which will also be the magical 15th years of HKDL. I cannot wait to celebrate such remarkable milestone with you all!

I would like to finish with another quote from Walt Disney: ‘Give the people everything you can give them. Make it a real fun place to be.’ I hope you feel as proud as I do for being a Disney cast member! Together, let’s spread our pixie dust and keep this place as the happiest place on Earth! Have a magical day!

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About the Disney Ambassador Program

The Disney Ambassador Program at Disneyland was first conceived to mark the original Park's first decade of successful operation. Guest Relations Hostess Julie Reihm was selected from thousands of candidates to be the first Disneyland Ambassador and act as the Park's official hostess and emissary of goodwill to the world. Although originally conceived as a one-off, the inaugural program proved to be such a success that it has continued in all Disney Parks around the world and is now considered one of our strongest traditions.

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