Nature Walk

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Green Power launched the "Nature Walk at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort" project in 2007. Five Nature Trails were identified within the Resort area and a tour guidebook was designed for the enjoyment of the beautiful landscape. In addition to the more than 600 species of trees and shrubs, the Resort also provides an ideal habitat for different butterfly and bird species and many of them are introduced in the guidebook. A Braille version of the tour guidebook is also provided to enable people with visual impairment to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Adopt A Garden

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort supported Jane Goodall Institute's "Roots and Shoots" education program to launch "Adopt A Garden" project at four schools in Hong Kong. They included two special schools, one village school and one school serving many ethnic minority students. The project aims to connect kids with nature. Instructors from "Roots and Shoots" share knowledge on planting with the students, Disney VoluntEARS help students and teachers build their organic gardens.

Earth Day Activities

Conserving and protecting the environment for future generations has always been a part of our heritage. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort organizes "Earth Day" with a wide array of activities in every April to spread environmental messages to Guests and Cast Members. Interactive games, guided trail walks, planting activities and other outreach programs are launched to encourage Guests and Cast Members to be part of the green efforts.

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