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Disney VoluntEARS Leadership Council

Made up of passionate Cast Members devoted to serving the community, the Disney VoluntEARS Leadership Council represents the Cast in our volunteer initiatives, encouraging participation and identifying and prioritizing worthwhile causes.

VoluntEAR of the Year

Every year, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort recognizes the outstanding achievements of our VoluntEARS by presenting the "VoluntEAR of the Year" and "VoluntEAR Team of the Year" awards. Dedication, enthusiasm and passion for community service are rewarded the appreciation of the whole Disney family.


To encourage Cast Members to volunteer and give back to the community, The Walt Disney Company started the EARS-to-YOU program. Cast Members who participate in Disney VoluntEARS activities or social services of other charitable or non-profit organizations for 10 hours or more per year are eligible to join the program. The company will match each Cast Member's service hours with cash amount and donate it to their chosen charitable or non-profit organizations. The highest matching donation amount is up to US$ 1,000 per Cast Member.

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