About Disney's Environmentality™

You've probably heard people talk about conservation. Well, conservation isn't just the business of a few people. It's a matter that concerns all of us. It's a science whose principles are written in the oldest code in the world, the laws of nature. The natural resources of our vast continent are not inexhaustible. But if we will use our riches wisely, if we will protect our wildlife and preserve our lakes and streams, these things will last us for generations to come."

-- Walt Disney, 1950

Ever since Walt Disney expressed his commitment to the environment more than 60 years ago, the Walt Disney Company has upheld a strong commitment and responsibility to conserve natural resources. In 1990, the Walt Disney Company introduced Environmentality™ - the attitude and commitment to think and act with the environment in mind. At Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Environmentality™ is part of our everyday activities and Jiminy Cricket serves as our mascot, the official conscience for Cast Members and Guests.

Corporate Environmental Policy

The Walt Disney Company seeks to establish and sustain a positive environmental legacy for Disney and for future generations. In doing so, the company is committed to minimizing its overall impact on the environment while encouraging and activating environmentally responsible behavior on the part of Cast Members and employees, Guests and business associates throughout the world.

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