Hong Kong Disneyland Resort adopted an environmental approach in the design stage of the project, and our commitment to environmental protection carries through to daily operations. At Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, we believe that respect for the environment is an important part of how we do business.

Food Waste Recycling

We adopt source separation and food waste recycling at our Resort. Pre and post-consumer food waste collected in the resort is sent to the government’s anaerobic digestion facility (O.Park 1) in Siu Ho Wan where food waste is converted into energy.

Green Waste Recycling

The natural growth and regular trimming of trees plus damages during typhoon seasons unavoidably generate a volume of yard waste. To avoid waste loads at landfill, HKDL has its own wood chippers on-site for handling yard waste and recycling in-house, turning plant materials into organic mulches to cover the soil of planting areas at the onstage and back-of-house areas.

Recycling Efforts

We practice extensive recycling at the Resort and are constantly and actively exploring ways to recycle more. We currently recycle more than 12 different types of recyclables, ranging from common items such as food waste, cardboard, plastic bottles and glass, to non-conventional recyclables such as yard waste from landscape maintenance. HKDL also implements the plastic bag recycling program, packaging from products, food and costumes, is collected and recycled into new shopping bags for merchandise.

Food and Amenities Donation

Reducing waste at source is an important step, and HKDL collects surplus ingredients to turn them into delicious dishes. Meals have been provided to those who are vulnerable to hunger. HKDL also implements a hotel amenities recycling program, whereby used soap bars, shower gel and shampoo are collected and donated to NGOs.

Renewable Energy

HKDL has been installing over 4,500 rooftop solar panels on 14 attractions and backstage buildings, making the resort the single largest solar panel site in Hong Kong. Once completed, the total power generation is expected to reach approximately 1.86 million kWh (equivalent to the power generated by an estimated 564 three-person households for one year). Though this project, we hope to encourage and promote the development of renewable energy, as well as reduce carbon emissions and ensure a cleaner future community for Hong Kong.

Improve Energy Efficiencies

Hong Kong Disneyland's energy conservation strategies involve incorporating environmentally friendly solutions in the design of utilities systems as well as maintaining ongoing efforts to improve energy efficiency in existing operations. Examples include adopting district cooling air-conditioning systems which are more energy efficient than conventional water-cooled and air-cooled air-conditioning systems; energy saving lamps in guest and back-of house areas; motion sensors in hotel guestrooms to switch off room air-conditioning when the room is empty; variable frequency drives (VFDs) in water pumps and chillers to lower energy consumption; light and motion sensors in park and hotel to switch off lights when the area is empty; and the constant monitoring and fine-tuning of energy usage throughout our Energy Management System.

Inspiration Lake

Inspiration Lake in the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is not just a scenic recreation area. Rainwater is directed from the surrounding hills into Inspiration Lake where the water is stored temporarily before being fed to an irrigation system that supplies the entire resort area. Water conservation is also achieved by use of a weather-driven computerized irrigation system. How much to irrigate and how often to irrigate is carefully controlled by a computerized system that calculates the optimum water usage based on the soil type, plant type, and weather information such as humidity, temperature and rainfall collected from an on-site weather station. Collectively, the use of the computerized irrigation system and rainwater as an irrigation source is estimated to have saved a substantial amount of potable water.

Water Savings

All shower heads in hotels and back-of-house areas have been replaced by water saving shower heads to save 20% water consumption. In order to conserve more water, rainwater is collected and stored in water cooling tower at a district centralized water-cooled air-conditioning system for cooling purposes. The cooling tower bleed is recycled for toilet flushing.

Earth Month

In April every year, Hong Kong Disneyland celebrates Earth Month with our Guests and Cast Members. Messages on Environmentality™ is delivered to our Guests and Cast Members in a fun way.

Green Outdoor Event

Hong Kong Disneyland partnered with NGO to launch a series of green initiatives for outdoor events. For example, recyclable cups were used during the 10K Weekend to reduce the use of waste and plastic use. Water dispensers and reusable cups were also provided on site, and runners were encouraged to bring their own bottles. Runners could also take part in an on-site recycling program for plastic bottles, plastic bags, banana peels, paper and other recyclable items.

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