Dress Well

In 2018, Disney announced a five-year global commitment of $100 million to help reimagine patients’ journeys in children’s hospitals. Here in Hong Kong, we have donated HK$4.1 million to support the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital for the first-of-its-kind “Dress Well” project. It covers the design and production of a series of clothing for HKCH patients to wear during their hospital stay.

Custom-made series

The “Dress Well” project covers three categories of inpatient clothing at the HKCH, including regular pyjamas, pyjama tops for intravenous therapy, and jackets. Different color tones are adopted for male and female patients, and there are different patterns for young children and teenagers.

Caring by Design

Taking paediatric patients’ special needs into consideration, the designs combine visual appeal, comfort and functionality. The cheerful design, alongside the home-like environment of the hospital, should help reduce anxiety and add some joy to uplift the healing experience of paediatric patients.

Considering pediatric patients’ need

Silhouettes of familiar Disney characters are hidden among colorful, nature-inspired patterns to instill doses of treasure-hunting fun. Besides using fabric with higher cotton content for a softer touch and to reduce irritation, there are side openings on the pyjama tops for patients undergoing intravenous therapy, for more body coverage and respect while facilitating clinical care.

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