We Did it

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, together with the Committee on Home-School Co-operation, have been hosting the “We Did It!” Award Scheme since 2013. The scheme is well recognized by primary schools throughout Hong Kong, with significant numbers of participants every year. It encourages and gives recognition to primary students’ active and enthusiastic participation in non-academic development. We believe, with parents’ support, the students can dream and reach for the sky with their unlimited imagination and potential.

Chong Hei-yu (2019 awardee)

Chong Hei-yu, a P.6 students at Kowloon Tong Government Primary School, has been learning artistic cycling since kindergarten. She is now a member of the Hong Kong cycling team, and participated cycling competition in Germany and other places on behalf of Hong Kong. Her parents are very supportive to Hei-yu, and her father often accompanies with Hei-yu to training. “Hei-yu’s training is very hard and sometimes encounter setbacks. To support her dream, I studied unicycle four years ago, and also attended national artistic cycling commissaire course. I want to understand more about her dream and accompany with her. Our relationship is much closer which can support her to pursue her dream continuously.” Said Mr Chong. Hei-yu highly appreciated her parents’ trust and support, and would like to participate in more international competitions and gain more experiences.

Hong Pui-yee (2019 awardee)

Hong Pui-yee, a P.5 students from Kowloon Tong Government Primary School, joined the school’s drama club last year. Her first role on stage was a mother. With no previous acting experience, she was worried about her performance. Pui-yee appreciate her mother’s support and encouragement, “My mother takes really good care of me and my brother. I enjoy performing on stage and bringing happiness to audiences. I hope to give my best performance on this role to thank my mother for supporting my interest”